When Cash Flows, Cum Can Too

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Approaching random guys for sex is something I don’t think I could ever do. I am not bold enough for it. I don’t really consider myself a shy guy at all, but I’m not that brazen. The guys inside of Czech Hunter don’t suffer such set backs in their personalities, and that is probably why they are so successful on their missions.

If it isn’t already obvious, Czech Hunter is a public pick up site. The guys go out and “hunt” for attractive men that they think will accept their proposal. The economy isn’t so great right now and they have a lot of cash to offer for ass. So much that even straight boys are willing to switch sides for a time.

It might start out with an offer of a thousand bucks just to see a guy stroking his cock for a minute, but after they put that money in his hands, they offer more and more for various things, all until the guy is sucking dick and getting his asshole hammered.

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