He’s So Dreamy

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I’m a gay man and regular gay porn has gotten boring lately. I don’t think it’s changed much, but I have. I want something more personal and intimate. Something more authentic and raw. That’s when I discovered I could chat with IsaacConnor for free. I was completely new to the whole webcam thing and someone told me to check it out so I did. When I came across Isaac Connor it was like the whole world stood still. He’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen and it’s like he knows exactly what I want to see.

With Cam BB viewers can easily sort through the different cams to find what’s just right for them. The site is extremely user friendly even though there are so many options it could easily become overwhelming. Simply choose between male, female, couples or shemales and then start watching. There are ways to narrow the search even more, but I like seeing what all is available. Keep my options open if you know what I mean.


Are They Studs or Duds?

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When I am having a tough time trying to choose one porn site over the other, price often becomes the deciding factor. I like to shop around and change out my memberships pretty regularly, so that I experience a wide variety of gay models and pleasures. I was eyeing a few different sites yesterday and it was the one with the best deal that won me over. Right now new members can rack up 63% in savings with a William Higgins discount and that sold me on it.

William Higgins claims to be a Gay 4 Pay site, where straight, uncut Euro hunks get fucked bareback. There is definitely a lot of fucking, but I’m not sure these guys are all that straight. Some definitely seemed out of their element with other men, but most looked quite confident and like they were loving every thrust.

If you like men with muscle, you will find quite a few here. I did notice that quite a few of the buff boys were lackluster in other areas. I saw big biceps and little dicks more frequently than I am used to, but the hung guys helped to even it out. You’ll have to look for yourself to see if you think they are studs or duds.

Thankful For the Privacy to Fap

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It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the United States and I am posting this from a hotel room. My family wanted me to stay with them, but no thanks. I treasure my sanity and privacy far too much.

I am actually pretty lucky as far as family goes. They all know I am gay and most of them don’t give me a hard time about it. If they do, my sister goes into attack dog mode and it can actually get pretty funny. Politics and money are a more difficult topic. I like knowing that if my uncle and cousins get too bad, I can just leave and come here.

To prepare myself for the likely disagreements, I am spending the morning looking at porn. I figure unloading before I go, will have me a bit more relaxed and less irritable. Today I am thankful for gay porn discounts and HD quality.

Get your own 58% discount to William Higgins and start a new Thanksgiving tradition of stroking before the holiday storm.

When Twinks Turn Up the Heat

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When it comes to twinks, I honestly don’t expect much. These are young guys with slim frames, and usually sweet personalities. I see them as submissive bottoms, mostly there for the bigger, more aggressive guys to use. I enjoy twinks in that role of innocence being taken advantage of. It was a role I was perfectly content with until I visited Staxus.

The boys inside of Staxus showed me that twinks are not always what they seem and they are not always happy being bottoms. These boys crank up the heat and pack a lot of sexually-driven power into their petite physiques.

Use this Staxus discount for up to 59% off and check out some of the police gang bang scenes.  Membership includes more than 2,200 scenes, 44,000+ photos, and over 530 models. Some of these cuties are even exclusive to the site so you won’t find them performing any where else.

If you are in the mood to watch horny young men plundering asshole without apology, then there is simply no good reason not to give this site some consideration.

Highly Original Gay XXX Videos

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It isn’t often that I see a porn scene set up that surprises me. At least not ones outside of fetish. Yet that is exactly what I came across during my most recent visit to Men.com.

For those still unfamiliar with the site, Men.com offers high production value gay porn. They have some of the finest male performers that you can find. It’s cinematic XXX that is worth every penny even without the really interesting stories.

The scene that really stood out to me today was “Cheaters Part 3” starring Thyle Knoxx and Dante Colle. Thyle has the hots for his neighbor, but Dante is married to a woman and barely pays him any attention. Thyle can’t stand not getting his wish to be with Dante and he is willing to take drastic measures to make it happen. He hatches an elaborate plan.

Thyle has a realistic mask and body made up of Dante’s wife. He sneaks into the house one day when he knows she won’t be home. Once in, he suits up, and voila!, Thyle is transformed into a busty blonde woman. Dante walks in and sees his wife waiting for him. He kisses her and handles her tits, then reaches for her pussy only to find a cock. The editing of this scene is great. Thyle peels off his disguise and Dante decides to give him the hard gay fucking that he wants.

Snag this Men.com discount for 73% off with 9 bonus sites and watch the scene for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Looking For Gay Porn Deals?

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Some people might not think gay porn is okay, but they are probably too busy enjoying the latest episode of Handmaid’s Tale or shopping for a new pressure washer. Just ignore them like always and keep on being fabulous. You want to watch those young stallions climb broke-back mountain and nothing is going to stop you. Well, unless you can’t afford the quality porn.

Well, lucky you! There’s a lot of deals on the best gay porn out there if you know where to look. I just found some gay porn discounts up to 84% off! That is seriously going to help me stretch this next paycheck I have coming up.

Find great deals on sites like Bromo, STR8 TO GAY, Gay Room, Big Dicks At School, and a lot more. You might just end up having to move in with your mom again because that rent payment might have to wait! #priorities

If you’re a pervy guy like me who needs his gay porn to get through the day, you need to jump on this deal (like a big black cock).

Jack Off with Hot Boys Live

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How are you planning on spending the free time on your hands right now? Looking for some gay porn scenes to rub one out to? There’s nothing wrong with that of course, I mean, it’s a totally acceptable pastime if you’re looking for a typical way to get off. But if typical isn’t quite doing it, maybe you should try something extraordinary.

These big dick gay cams, are just what you need when you are looking for more than the typical porn experience. You get real men, hot, horny, stroking their big dicks, playing with their tight asses, doing whatever it is you need to get you off. Let your fantasies run wild while you each bring one another to earth shattering and mind blowing climaxes that you will never forget.

You can browse through a huge selection of live cam shows featuring the hottest gays that you will find online. There are high definition quality cams which capture every detail of the action playing out, and tons of categories to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. So go ahead, have the time of your life now with real live boys ready to play. Or, you can just watch some old porn movie. It’s up to you really.

Kinky Gay Men in Toe Curling Exclusive Scenes

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If you’re looking to take your fantasies to a whole new extreme, you have to check out the deal I have in store for you! Whether you are full on into the fetish and bondage scene, or just a little curious, these guys have something for everyone that will make your toes curl and your knees weak!

If you’ve heard of Kink.com and are aware they are a sexual powerhouse for all things kink, then you know that they are known for quality. Whether it be the high quality videos they churn out, the sexy amateurs they feature, or even the quality of safe and sexy content, they have it covered. But you may not know that they also have a massive section devoted to hot gay porn.

Now you can have full network access discount from Kink Men and get unlimited access to all 14 of their exclusive gay channels for one low price. Enjoy bondage, public humiliation, and much more! You won’t be disappointed with the hot content on this constantly growing site!

You Deserve the Best of the Best, Get it with this FalconStudios Discount

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When’s the last time you treated yourself? You deserve the best of the best and you need a little excitement in your life. You should be able to explore and play with every sexy fantasy that you have and feel totally guilt free. When you get this deal for 74% off Falcon Studios, you can indulge in all of your naughty fantasies, while leaving the guilt behind!

This site has a massive selection of intense HD videos that are so varied you will feel like you have just signed up to multiple niche sites! What I mean is, you will find such a huge selection of men, that you can find exactly what meets your tastes and you can switch it up from time to time, without ever having to purchase another membership!

In fact, while there are literally thousands of videos here for you to enjoy again and again, there is even full access of the bonus site JockStudios.com, so you are getting two massive sites for the price of one! The action is hot, the price is just right. What are you waiting for? Your cock deserves a little pampering!

Enjoy this $10 pass to Young Bastards gay porn!

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Once you start being honest with yourself you’re going to find out that the best gay sex is to be had when you completely let go. Leave your inner ambitions at the door and just enjoy young studs and their tight little asses. At YoungBastards.com they want you to live fast and fuck hard! they know what a pleasure it is to slide a firm cock inside a young mans ass, as such they give you loads of opportunities to do just that.

Young Bastards keeps its guys between the ages of 18-35, when you have a site like this you don’t want some old fuddy duddy ruining things. Every Thursday they add new scenes and last count they already had 200 awesome looking videos. They have 100 or so picture sets as well so you can see there is plenty of xxx gay sex to keep you and your cock nice and busy.

I know you’ll be wanting or more to the point expecting to see bareback action and you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. This is a site where real men take control of younger, very willing studs that need to be punished hardcore on camera. Grab this $10 pass to Young Bastards with this discount, take your cock firmly between your hands, last but not least drive it as deep inside them as you can, they’ll love it!